19 Daily Habits Practiced by Incredibly Successful People

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

For the last 20 years, Charlie Meek has led creative and brand marketing …


Everyone knows it takes time, discipline and focus to be the best at something and to achieve really great things.

Everyone knows it takes time, discipline and focus to be the best at something and to achieve really great things . That’s why the good and bad habits which you return to every day are the best predictors of whether or not you will soar in your personal and professional arenas. Here are the routines that 20 successful executives say have been most instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.

1. Always take your lunch break

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re too busy to take a break from work, even if it’s just a 30-minute stop for lunch. But doing this can actually be very detrimental to your business and your own productivity. Downtime is incredibly important… You need to step away and recharge your batteries so you can return to the task you’re working on with a fresh perspective.”

–Ed Molyneux, cofounder and CEO of FreeAgent, which provides award-winning cloud accounting software services to over 70,000 U.K. accountants, small businesses and freelancers

2. Honestly assess your behavior for the day before you fall asleep

“Before falling asleep each night, I ask myself: ‘Do I like how I showed up today?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ then I explore why. If the answer is ‘no,’ I examine why. This inquiry is about how others experience me and the quality of my day. It is not about what I get done, but rather who I am in the face of the day’s experiences. This to me is a simple yet essential ingredient for being a conscious leader.”

–Tom Eddington, Silicon Valley strategic advisor and owner of Eddington Advisory Services which helped client Hewitt Associates expand from 2,200 to 25,000 associates in 12 years

3. Use tech tools

“Productivity apps like Asana are key for keeping organized and maintaining visibility across the entire company. In other words, it makes sure you get things done. By using tech tools to support my day-to-day action items, I can be productive by identifying areas that need my assistance or offer input where attention is needed. Tech tools like Slack also help to stay connected nearly 24 hours of the day. By providing yourself, and your team, the ability to leverage productivity tools and apps, you empower the entire team to make decisions and create a culture of doing so.”

–Edward Woodford, cofounder and CEO of Seed CX, a digital asset exchange for institutional investors which has raised $25 million in funding to date

4. Turn off all your notifications and block time for work

“No, seriously, do it. ‘I can’t find the time to do actual work!’ I hear this all the time. But what people usually mean is ‘I haven’t yet learned how to prioritize what is important for me or my work, and get it done.’ …

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