4 pandemic-driven training needs, and how to meet them

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

For the last 20 years, Charlie Meek has led creative and brand marketing …


The new normal has created issues for both those teleworking and those still at the worksite.

As many employees found themselves facing a new normal at work, a host of training gaps revealed themselves.

Many who were sent home to telework were woefully unprepared to deal with the related technology, sources previously told HR Dive ; others exhibited a perhaps related drop in productivity .

Meanwhile, essential workers were tapped to enforce mask and social distancing mandates for co-workers and customers. And managers overseeing both those at home and those still at the worksite face a new challenge, too, one organization said: little instruction on guiding workers through stressful times.

The answer to all of those needs, of course, is training, experts said. But training has to be coupled with compassion and a sense of belonging, Arran Stewart, chief visionary officer of job-matching company, said. Also key are empathy and clear communication that health and safety are a top priority, according to Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster, and Mike Bokina, vice president and head of HR at Siemens USA, respectively.

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