Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting -Tips for Preparing a Resume for AI and Humans

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

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Have you ever put together a resume you felt was pretty impressive but never got a response from the potential employer? Or worse, you received an electronic rejection letter? Well it might just be that the response you received was from a machine rather than a person.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated every aspect of modern life and the recruiting and human resources industries are no exception. Today, AI is being employed in the recruiting process to hire more qualified candidates faster than ever before.

According to a survey of nearly 800 talent acquisition professionals conducted by global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry, almost half (48 percent) of recruiting professionals welcome AI as a tool. The survey also showed more than 60 percent of respondents said AI has changed the way recruiting is done in their organization and another 69 percent said using AI has been a game-changer when it comes to recruiting higher-quality candidates.

AI in Recruiting

Arran Stewart, co-founder and chief visionary officer (CVO) of, said AI has been used for recruiting for more than 20 years and the technology just keeps getting better—though it’s not what people think it is.

“People automatically think of some sci-fi robot when they think of AI,” said Stewart. “They imagine some movie scene with an all-knowing robot or computer. AI is when a computer system can perform a part of a human’s role or job at a level that is satisfactory to a human.”

The first type of AI in recruiting began when people would read resumes from online, according to Stewart, who said databases then appeared.

“People began using Boolean string searches to find candidates online, which was the very first wave of querying databases for job searchers,” said Stewart. “If I am a recruiter looking for a C-plus person, I am going to do a Boolean string search. That computer has to look for that person and that is a form of artificial intelligence. The computer has done that job and has given you a suitable result for a candidate to hire. That was the beginning.”

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