How technology is helping advance gender equality

Arran Stewart

Arran Stewart

Arran James Stewart is the co-founder and CVO of blockchain recruitment …


Modern technology is a marvelous thing – it can increase accuracy and efficiency, perform tedious and redundant tasks, improve the decision-making process, and in general, make life and work a lot easier. And if that’s not enough, technology can also help to advance gender equality.

When speaking of the ubiquitousness of the internet, it’s important to remember that access still remains a problem in rural areas and even urban low-income areas. But for the most part, internet access, automation, and other digital tools have helped to remove some of the barriers keeping women from pursuing educational opportunities, participating in the workplace, and having their voices heard.

Technology in Education

Given the importance of technology, it’s no surprise that jobs in the tech field are in high demand and pay well above the national average. Software engineering roles are still some of the hottest technology jobs in the country – if not the world. But as we know, most of these professionals and students are men.

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