Press Hires Theo Rokos as Chief Revenue Officer

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Charlie Meek

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Video Interviewing Pioneer Plans to Aggressively Expand Company’s Growing Portfolio

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Innovative recruitment platform has hired Theo Rokos as its Chief Revenue Officer. A pioneer in cloud-based recruitment, Rokos brings over a decade of experience in recruitment sales and team building to’s roster. He is expected to further bolster the company’s efforts to expand worldwide.

Rokos co-founded Green Job Interview (now Montage Talent), the premier cloud-based video interviewing service with brother and business partner Greg Rokos. As one of the first companies to provide live virtual interviewing, Green Job Interview anticipated the growing need for the full integration of remote services into day-to-day business operations, as the internet changed the way positions were sought out, applied for and ultimately filled. Rokos plans to bring that same enterprising spirit to as the company expands through partnerships and one-of-a kind services.

“I’m thrilled to join team. Team building is my passion and we have the opportunity to change the hiring landscape by fixing the candidate experience,” says Rokos. “The hiring process takes far too long and we are committed to solving it.” is focused on providing clients and candidates with the most powerful candidate matching technology available. The company removes the third party interference common in most applicant tracking systems, and which can slow hiring by complicating communication. These slowdowns can cause both candidates and employers to lose sight of each other and miss the chance to build together., in contrast, allows candidates and employers to communicate directly, eliminating common friction points, while rewarding them for participating in the system.

With a candidate base driven by their unique rewards-based economy,’s artificial intelligence tools match candidates with employers and positions that best suit their goals and aptitudes. Once candidates are matched and successfully hired through the platform, they receive a reward equivalent to 5% of their annual salary.

“We are constantly striving to bring the best product to market that we can and adding Theo brings another visionary on the team who can help us to that end,” says Arran Stewart, CVO. Rokos' tenure began earlier this month and will immediately begin working on growing the company’s line of business.

About is evolving the traditional recruitment model using AI matching technology, smart contracts on the blockchain, enhanced feedback and financial incentives. The team behind the company has continuously focused its efforts on utilizing technology to disrupt and revolutionize the recruitment industry. is harnessing technology with the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain, to create the world’s first fully automated recruitment platform.

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